Major Restoration

JPC Plaster  has been involved in several major restoration projects.

Additionally our company has taken on restoration work that while smaller in scope than the jobs referenced above, are equally challenging for a skilled restoration expert.

For example, in the photo to the right, we restored plaster in a dining room ceiling then applied 4 of these plaster medallions in the four corners of the room. The medallions were purchased from a distributor. Plaster medallions can often be repaired or reproduced on the job site. Cornices can also be repaired using the same techniques. The medallion in the photo that Jim is holding, was badly damaged. It was re-built by filling in missing / damaged sections with clay, a mold taken of the positive, plaster poured into the negative; and this was the finished medallion that came out of the mold before being mounted on the wall. 

Click on the photo to see more before and after job pictures.

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