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A dying trade, plaster was replaced by drywall in 1963. Since that time there have been few who have learned the secrets from the old artisans.

I had the privilege of learning this trade from Ralph who began his work as an apprentice at a the age of 15. Since '63 I am the only one to whom he has taught the trade.

Much of our work involves the repair of cracked and deteriorating plaster. All work is done using true plaster materials. Application of the proper material assures a repair that will provide an accurate finish, and enduring integrity.

In most cases historical plaster does not have to be replaced, but when this is necessary, we can provide true plaster even over wood lathe.

Click on the menu item, Major Restoration Jobs for a photo step-by-step through the repair process for two major restoration projects done by JPC Plaster & Drywall.