The William E. Scripps estate is located in Lake Orion, Michigan. You can read about it at the link.


After extensive water damage, JPC Plaster & Drywall was contracted to restore & rebuild the plaster and medallions to their original condition.


This shows one of the plaster griffins straight on and then angled so you can see the damage to the plaster easier - All pictures are thumbnails - click on any to see it full-size:






This is a different griffin with different damage - more cracks and flaking plaster / paint:



In order to rebuild it, the griffin had to first be stabilized by drilling holes so a bonding compound could be injected behind it and the entire damaged griffin removed from the wall. On the bench it was cleaned from loose debris and old paint, lost areas filled in with clay and re-sculpted back to its original form, a negative mold made of the griffin, and new plaster poured into the mold to create a new griffin. This picture shows the rebuilt griffin just after removing it from the mold:



And lastly mounted back in its original location prior to painting:




Significant portions of the crown molding were also water damaged. First is a picture of a relatively undamanged section, followed by a bit of the damaged section and a damaged corner and ceiling for comparison:







Mid-repair, after cleaning out the damaged corner and before repairing the wall behind it:



The ceiling and wall are now prepped and ready to receive some newly rebuild molding:



And here is the finished product repaired and ready for priming and painting:



The moral to the story is: If you have plaster, don't let a roof or bathroom leak go unrepaired!


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