The Cella home is an old Ford family home in Belleville, Michigan. The house was built in 1875 and had sustained major plaster damage due to an upstairs bedroom that became an exercise & weight room. The house was never built to withstand such repeated and heavy impacts which broke the already weakened by age plaster.


JPC Plaster & Drywall was contracted to restore & rebuild the plaster and medallions to their original condition.


This shows one of the medallions with its lamp, followed by images showing the cracks where the medallion has separated from the ceiling.


All pictures are thumbnails - click on any to see it full-size.





In order to save it, the floor boards from above were removed in order to get to the medallion:




All the loose plaster was removed and the medallion was re-attached with bonding adhesive and new plaster. After the medallion was fully stabilized, work then turned to repairing cracks in the ornamental plaster.


This was repeated with numerous medallions in the house:







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