Jim: The Boss, at age 51, Jim has been in the drywall business since 1986. He has prior experience in construction as a carpenter working for some builders. After moving into the drywall trade he then learned plaster and stucco from Ralph in 1992.  Due to a lung disease he had to stop drywall for a few years in the late 90's, during this time he worked in construction sales, learning to read blueprints doing material estimates for builders. During this period he also worked in ceramic tile for 2 years applying and expanding upon the skills used to install plaster.  Jim returned to full time self employment doing plaster repair, drywall and other handyman work including ceramic tile, painting, trim carpentry, minor plumbing repairs, minor electrical, and other miscellaneous home repairs.



Ralph: The Old Man, Ralph began work in the plaster trade at age 14 in about 1948. He first appeared on our job in 1989; 2 years after a fall that left him partially paralyzed from a broken neck. With bones fused in his neck, he had limited mobility, and limited use of his arms, but he was too tough to quit. He helped with the lower portion of the walls, on drywall and plaster (when we could keep him off the scaffolds). Most importantly he was a wealth of knowledge and experience.


It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of Ralph in November, 2006.  His talents, knowledge, and most of all his friendship,  are greatly missed.


Robin: Skilled painter, carpenter, and best attitude you could ask for (also the boss's daughter).  Robin is a full time employee and graduate student at Michigan Tech, where she is continuing her studies in Wetlands Restoration




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